Conditions of Registration

The Beaches Community Soccer League (BCSL) will attempt to accommodate every interested player. However, placement on teams will be limited and acceptance of every registration cannot be guaranteed.

The BCSL reserves the right to move players from one team to another within the League for team balancing purposes.

The BCSL does not guarantee special requests, or that any player will be placed on a specific team with a specific coach or on a specific field.

The BCSL will attempt to ensure FAIR playing time for all players.

In the interest of coaching staff, parents and/or guardians are asked to advise the team coach, in advance, if a player will be absent from a game or practice.

Parents and/or guardians are responsible for ensuring that registered players are in good health and have sufficient medical insurance coverage.

Parents and/or guardians must ensure proper supervision of their child during games and practices.

Parents and/or guardians agree that the BCSL and any of its officials will not be held responsible for injuries or accidents that may occur during games and practices or en route to and from games and practices.

No registration will be accepted unless the player’s parent or guardian has agreed to the waiver posted on our website, or has signed a waiver, in the case of a hardcopy registration form.

A player will only be placed on a team when full payment is received.

A player may make one request for a friend to be on their team, but the request must be reciprocal before it can be considered (i.e. Susie must request Johnny and Johhny must request Susie). While we do our best to meet requests, they are not guaranteed.