To achieve the League’s overall Objectives, BCSL parents and legal guardians must endeavor to do the following:
  • Please be patient with the coaches ­– especially for the first few weeks as they get to know the children and each other, and while they get their coaching “in sync”.
  • Please be patient with the children, yours and others ­– although the BCSL is divided into age groups, age is not the only measure of readiness for soccer; some kids may be more (or less) mature (physically, mentally, socially) than their peers or have a different level of soccer experience.
  • Please be respectful of the referees ­– especially the young first-timers, who are just getting their referee “legs”.
  • Please provide us with feedback – if something bothers you about what we are doing or how we are doing it, or if you feel that your child is not getting equal playing time or is being overlooked in some way, please do not hesitate to speak up.
  • Please get involved – we need all the additional help we can get with the kids, especially during practice time and often during the game itself, keeping in mind that many BCSL coaches will not be able to attend every game during the summer.
  • Please help with net setup/tear-down – if you get here early, please feel free to put the net up, and similarly, at the end of the game, we could use your help taking it down.
  • Please help with treats – it gets expensive for the coaches to buy half-time and/or end-of-game treats (e.g. popsicles, sugarless gum or fruit) every week, so your assistance would be greatly appreciated.  [Please be mindful of allergies on your team.]
  • Please help keep the children safe. It is the responsibility of the parents to supervise their child at all times, whether on or off the field, before, during and after the games, regardless of the child’s age. Coaches are only responsible for organizing and coaching the teams, and they do not supervise the children. Any children who are young enough to require adult supervision must be supervised by their parents or designated guardian at all times, including on the sidelines, and must never be left alone at the park. If you need to leave your team’s playing area during the practice or the game, please inform your child(ren) about your temporary absence and ask another parent to tend to your child(ren) in the event of bathroom breaks, on-field injuries, water breaks, etc.  Please also tell your child(ren) that they cannot leave the “team area”, with or without you, unless they let one of team coaches know.
  • Please encourage your child(ren) to sit with their teammates when they are not playing a shift – this allows coaches to conduct shift changes more efficiently and also allows the off-the-field players to watch the game.
  • Community courtesies – players, coaches and spectators are asked to pick up their litter from the field and that of others who have failed to do so. All dogs must be on leashes at all times in the park. Cars must be parked legally and courteously in all areas in and around the neighbourhood of the parks.