History and Info

League Profile

The Beach Community Soccer League (BCSL) started its inaugural season in the spring of 2003. Created and administered by local soccer parents, the BCSL is committed to helping the Beaches community enjoy the great game of soccer and to help the neighbourhood reach its soccer potential.

The League is dedicated to providing its members with the best quality service and to develop its programs to meet the growing needs of the burgeoning soccer community in the Beach. Our focus is to establish an exceptional foundation from which soccer can grow. We are a recreational league for boys and girls aged 4-14, where young soccer enthusiasts can develop their skills and knowledge of the game. We have referees for games in all divisions except the 4 year old division, part of a plan to introduce more technical aspects of the game into the Leagues’ fundamentally recreational mandate.

Currently, we have space for more than eleven hundred players in eight divisions. The success and growth of the club relies on the strength and commitment of its membership and supporters. The League’s Executive Board and the majority of the League’s participants work on a volunteer basis. Quarterly board meetings and an open and honest governing structure are in place to ensure accountability. The League operates on a not-for-profit basis.

Our revenues are drawn from two main sources: membership registration and from local sponsorship. Other revenue-generating activities, such as fundraisers and soccer camps, may be undertaken if the need arises.

The Beaches Community Soccer League is an example of the potential and power of community participation. We hope you will join us in celebrating this great game and helping soccer become an integral part of our community.