First Day of Season Tips

Recommended Things to Bring

  •        Permanent markers for putting names on balls.
  •        Copies of list containing names only of players and parents for distribution to team parents, if desired. Can also be handed out the second week. (no contact info please, as this is private unless parents give permission). See sample.
  •        Half-time and/or end-of-game “treats”, e.g. fruits, popsicles, sugarless gum.
  •        A “treats sign-up sheet” showing future team game dates. See sample.
  •        Name tags for players and coaches (if desirable/possible). See template..
  •        A sheet to keep track of shift changes. See sample.

Recommended Things to Do

  •        Introduce all coaches to players and parents
  •        Remind players and parents of recreational nature of League and what this means (using League Objectives document if necessary)
  •        Reiterate child safety rules (see League Objectives) with players and parents
  •        Get players to use markers to “identify” soccer balls, water bottles and kit bags with their full names AND their team name.
  •       Determine BCSL and general soccer experience through show of hands
  •       During game, have one of the coaches pass around the treats sign-up sheet

Recommended Things to Achieve during First Practice

  •       Review basic soccer concepts with players (and interested parents).
  •       Use games and drills that help players memorize each other’s names.
  •       Use games and drills that help reinforce basic concepts